What’s on @charlotte

In addition to events and talks, the Charlotte Museum Trust holds regular exhibitions at Charlotte’s Gallery, located upstairs at our New Lynn museum. We welcome expressions of interest from lesbian artists wishing to show their work in 2017.

Pop Up Museum

Miriam Saphira, the Trust founder, will be bringing a display of a tee-shirt quilt, badges, magazines, information banners to Manurewa and Palmerston North. There will also be  2 films and a performance running at 1pm so if you’re in the area then don’t miss it!

  • Saturday 29th April at the Nathan Homestead Manurewa, 2-5pm
  • Sunday 21st May at Wilkin Gallery (opposite the Topp Twins exhibit) at Te Manawa Museum, Palmerston North 2-5pm

Mosaic Workshops

Once a month we host a mosaic making workshop and welcome any and all to join us in making some art at the Charlotte Museum in New Lynn (8a Bentinck St)

Next Workshop is Saturday 13 May from 10am onwards till about 3pm.

Current Exhibitions

The current exhibitions we have at the Charlotte Museum in addition to our regular display of artefacts are:

Viv Jones’ Cartoon Exhibition

  • These cartoons were seen in Circle magazines through the seventies and eighties containing Lesbian and Gay themes.

Activist Tee-Shirt Display

  • To wear a Tee-Shirt with Gay or Lesbian slogons on it was a brave thing to do before New Zealand finally passed legistraion in 1993 to outlaw discrimionation on the grounds of sexual orientation. During the seventies feminists used emblazoned shirts to promote, abortion, women’s and Lesbian’s rights as well as women sport’s teams and lesbian confrences. Other Shirts are hummourous that give a good feeling about ones self. Come have a look!


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Feel free to get in contact and let us know what YOU want to see @charlotte! We will do our best to make it happen!